Ambient Finance Raises Seed Round Funding

2 min readJul 11, 2023

We’re excited to announce that Ambient Finance (previously known as CrocSwap) has raised $6.5M in a seed round at $80M network valuation led by Blocktower with participation from Jane Street, Circle, Tensai Capital, Naval Ravikant, Yunt Capital, Susa Ventures, Quantstamp, and Hypotenuse Labs, along with angel investors Julian Koh, llllvvuu, Dogetoshi, afkbyte, Jai Prasad, Don Ho, and others.

The funding announcement comes shortly after Ambient Finance’s mainnet launch. The capital raised in this round will grow the team and ensures our research & development will sustainably create decentralized markets.

Ambient Finance has been built from the ground up to make trading faster, easier, and cheaper to use, with a user experience rivaling CEXes. Ambient creates more sustainable liquidity by diversifying its sources, while bridging the gap between LP’ing and trading.

We believe the economics of current AMMs are broken, causing liquidity to be centralized and controlled by the powerful few. Ambient fixes this. By building a protocol and products for deep, diversified and democratic liquidity we work towards a vision of sustainable DeFi that can ultimately become the site of price discovery for all markets.

Ambient employs an innovative single-contract architecture that drastically reduces gas and taxes while allowing users to seamlessly manage collateral in a single platform. The first DEX to support concentrated, ambient, and ‘knock-out’ liquidity in the same liquidity pool. Additionally, it introduces a wide array of quality-of-life improvements allowing for a best-in-class DEX user experience.

Ambient is a community-first project; we’re building in public because we want to hear your feedback to help shape how the protocol evolves, and to help make Ambient the best DEX in DeFi.

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Thanks again to all our investors and our great community for your continued support!